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(TFT) the challenge of computers, and idea

Its funny, I remember frigging around on an 128k RAM apple II in the mid 80s
(playing akalabeth, very simple graphics!) and thinking at the time that D&D
was just way too complex to play on a computer. Now look at us, there's
Balder's Gate yada yada yada.
Thing is, I guess its time to think what advantages playing with people has
over playing on a machine, and the main one is the human interaction touched
on by DMGII. Fleshing out NPCs becomes even more important to keep a unique
side of all RPGs aside. I had this idea for a 1st labyrinth as follows:

A small hobbit village is built around a small hill, which some adventurers
find out is actually an ancient barrow and they'd love to excavate it. Our
party approaches the hobbits about this (on top of the said hill as a small
hobbit school/daycare for the little hobbit children) with the idea of
excavating/killing monsters and taking treasure, to which they reply, "Nasty
things, adventures, make you late for dinner" (quote out of one of the
tolkien books). You want to disturb the ancient dead in OUR village?? Are
you crazy??"

Now the adventurers are faced with the task of persuading te hobbits that
digging the hill up is a good idea ( could be anythnig from getting the
mayors favourite pipeweed to a hefty bribe, to creating an ILLUSION of a
ghost that our trusty adventurers have to go in and

These are things i didn't think about so much when i was a teenager DMing
but will have to (and enjoy doing so, hatching up ideas) if/when i GM

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