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(TFT) Castown - hobbit village in peril

About Cas' hobbit village: perhaps the PC's find/buy a 'treasure map' that
leads to the barrow of the lich king (or whatever).  They follow the map,
and find the barrow, but also find that it's in the middle of a hobbit 
community.  What to do, what to do...if the PC's are nice guys, and decide
not to break into the tomb against the townsfolk's wishes,
perhaps someone not-so-nice also has a copy of the map, and is intent on
spooking the townfolk (shades of the excrable Scooby-Doo cartoon).  The
PC's could help out the villagers by unmasking the evil-doers (potential
for a few laughs here by playing up the Scooby-Doo angle).  Of course
then the hobbit mayor could decide that maybe it's better to get the tomb
looted out by someone trustworthy (the PC's) so that other treasure-hunting
maniacs don't come snooping around causing similar problems.  (And this
way the work you put into designing the barrow won't go to waste.)

Alternately, if the PC's decide to try to spook the townfolk, they could
find their 'haunting' being investigated by some intrepid hobbits, one
of whom is named 'Velma'...
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