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Re: (TFT) Illusory Light?

srydzews@ix.netcom.com writes:

> > Or more clearly, does an Illusion of a firey or glowing 
> > object emit light such that it may be used to read by?  
> A difficult point indeed.  I am of the opinion that it 
> does emit real light.  Consider an illusionary bonfire
> on top of a hill.  I see no reason why it wouldn't be 
> visible a half-mile away at night.  Is the power of the
> illusion spell truly such that it exerts a direct 
> influence on the minds of onlookers a half-mile away,
> even if there's a thousand such onlookers?  

I have to disagree.  The illusion appears to be real only
to those who fail to disbelieve the illusion.  It isnt real
and therefore cannot have real 'side-effects.'  Illusory
fire cannot set real objects ablaze.  Fighters in combat 
with illusory creatures suffer no real damage but THINK 
they have.  Illusory light cannot allow someone to read a
novel in the dark (unless they knew what was on the pages
already) but they could THINK they are reading it and GMs
would be free to make up whatever they wanted regarding 
its contents.

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