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Re: Re: (TFT) Illusory Light?

From: dwtulloh@zianet.com

I suppose you could argue that the +2 magical defensive
enhancement protects against ALL attacks which can
cause its wearer physical damage, regardless of whether
that damage is real or imagined.  Otherwise, doesn't
this have a danger of descending into a kind of circular

I have to apologize here ahead of time. When ever I get the feeling that no one else has played the same TFT that I have. I realize and admit that what I am about to say is not true in anyone elses campaign. The quote at the end if from AW page 5, it is the entirity of paragraph 18. Now to my statement/ruling on the illusion vs +2 magical armor. Even if no one knew the armor was +2, the illusion would be destroyed by touching it. At that point people would realize that magic had been "detected". Pay particular notice to the last thing listed in the following quote.

    David Michael Grouchy II

"Illusions, can also be destroyed by the destroy creation spell, dispel illusion, and disolve enchantment spells, as well as by appropriate control spells and magical items."
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