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Re: (TFT) Illusory Light?

David Michael Grouchy II wrote:
> >So I think the Illusion is 'really there', and could be videotaped or
> >whatever, that its light (if it emits light) would affect things, cast
> >shadows, lure phototropic plants, etc.  The same for Images.
> >
> >Thorn
>     I agree with almost everything you wrote, except the last part about
> plants.  In ITL the Am Bush is IQ 1, and just like zombies they are not
> "aware" enough to react.

To attack, you mean.  They don't attack.  They might over time grow
toward the light source of a long-term Illusion (maintained by the AW
gem).  That is, if the light is 'real', why wouldn't they?
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