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Re: Re: (TFT) Illusory Light?

> > This is precisely the notion that my +2 armor example
> > addresses.  If none of the parties involved know
> > the target of the illusion's attacks is wearing
> > magical armor, why would its magical bonuses stop
> > the psychosomatic wounding effects?
> >

It wouldn't.

> I suppose you could argue that the +2 magical defensive
> enhancement protects against ALL attacks which can
> cause its wearer physical damage, regardless of whether
> that damage is real or imagined.  Otherwise, doesn't
> this have a danger of descending into a kind of circular
> argument?
> I mean, what would happen if you used an illusion of a
> +3 sword to attack your opponent?

How would your opponent know that it was a +3 sword? This is similar to the
example of an illusion of some powerful person. If your opponent doesn't
know them, then the illusion doesn't have their stats. However, if the
illusion was of some particular +3 sword that your opponent would recognize,
then it would be +3 to them.

Neil Gilmore

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