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Re: (TFT) Illusory Light?

Stan wrote:
> Thorn wrote:
> > My take would be that if the wearer of the armor knew about the +2,
> > it would count.  If not, then it counts as normal armor.
> What if he thinks that it's +5 armor?

Then I fall back on the 'Artie Arguement'.  Artie was a kid from our
first local gaming group.  He really thought he was invincible.  We long
ago ruled that anyone as psychotic as Artie might be immune to
Illusions.  :)

But seriously, if the GM's calling the damage from Illusions some
manifestation of belief, then belief affects the damage.  If the
target's been told he's wearing the Crimson Bands of Cittorak, proof
against all weapons, and he really believes it (and WHO, except for
Artie, really _would_?), then he might be invulnerable.

That becomes a roleplay consideration, bringing us back where we want to
be anyway.

What if the target of the spell has been bestowed a 'summoned' suit of
armor, in itself an Illusion?  Since Illusions affect Illusions, that
armor would work...  Alright, I concede the point above, for
consistency, the armor's plusses should always  work.

But I reserve the right to have Artie disbelieve that anything could be
more badass than himself.  :)
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