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Re: (TFT) re: illusionary light

"srydzews@pop.ix.netcom.com" wrote:
> Isn't there some rule regarding the ST of illusions of
> elementals?  (Sorry, no rulebook handy.)  I know that
> it's a different situation, but perhaps a similar rule
> could be applied here.  The main reason why I'd think
> it might be applicable is that both elemental ST and
> missile spell dice are of an open-ended nature.

Elemental ST for Illusions is limited someplace to a certain number of
ST, I don't have my books handy.

_Why_ it's limited is harder to explain, aside from game balance.  Not
that balance is a weak arguement, mind you.

Illusionary Missle spells and other "Bang, you're dead" illusions, like
falling ceilings, I like to GM from the 'optimistic subconscious' point
of view.  Not being well-versed in the damage of missle spells, the
average joe will imagine it big, flashy, and not all that damaging.  The
learned mage will imagine it doing minimal damage, to about the same
effect.  The falling ceiling turns out to be loose rocks, and painful,
but not instant death.  I justify this to munchkin players by arguing
cumulative effect of the illusions: that the spell takes time to
convince the target, and instant-kills don't have quite enough time. 
"How much time?", they ask.  "Long enough to have a chance to
disbelieve.", I say.  Then I usually say, "What's the matter,
_Gargoyles_ not tough enough for you?"
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