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(TFT) re: illusionary light

Mark Gundel wrote:
> Though I recall my primary GM never allowed me to do
> so, I wonder what rule or theory should prevent my
> wizard from casting an illusion of a seven-die
> fireball? 

Or a 50-die one.  Yeah, that's an interesting point.  
The rules do specifically allow illusionary missiles...

Hm...I can't think of anything to prevent it.

Well, okay, maybe this: illusion is a creation spell.
Created things don't act on the round they appear.
So you'd have to create the fireball one round, and 
then "launch" it the next.  Since that's not the way
missile spells work, no one would believe it.  

(I know that's rather, um, weak.  But it's all I can 
come up with off the top of my head.)

Isn't there some rule regarding the ST of illusions of 
elementals?  (Sorry, no rulebook handy.)  I know that 
it's a different situation, but perhaps a similar rule 
could be applied here.  The main reason why I'd think 
it might be applicable is that both elemental ST and 
missile spell dice are of an open-ended nature.

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