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Re: Re: (TFT) Illusory Light?

To rekindle perhaps some of the discussion on

> > It isnt real and therefore cannot have real 
> > 'side-effects.'  Illusory fire cannot set real
> > objects ablaze.  
> Well I agree about the fire, just as you can't make
> an illusionary bridge and walk across it.  I think
> that light is a different matter though.  Keep in
> mind that illusion is a 'creation' spell, not
> a 'thrown' spell cast on a person or persons to
> directly affect their mind. Something is being
> created, and that something has a location, it
> exists in a particular hex.  I think a large part of
> what is being 'created' is light.  
> > Fighters in combat with illusory creatures suffer
> > no real damage but THINK they have. 

Though I recall my primary GM never allowed me to do
so, I wonder what rule or theory should prevent my
wizard from casting an illusion of a seven-die
fireball? As an illusion of a fighter may be made to
run across a room, so an illusory fireball may be sent
sailing through the air towards a foe, no? The size of
the ball might indicate to the victim how many dice
damage he might expect it to do to him. A real
fireball is an object that does harm as well as a
sword. Why is an illusion of a sword acceptable? I'm
not suggesting an illusory wizard casting an illusory
fireball, though perhaps this could be done too if one
created two illusions, like an archer and an arrow. As
for the illusory fireball casting light, I guess based
upon the previous discussions here, it would.

Mark Gundel
The Tea-Room Barbarian

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