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Re: (TFT) Illusory Light?

Matt Fraser writes:

> > 
> > > Fighters in combat with illusory creatures suffer no 
> > > real damage but THINK they have. 
> > 
> > Well, this is getting into a different argument, but 
> > still, I disagree; it seems to me that it is real 
> > damage.  The damage doesn't go away when the illusion 
> > ends or is disbelieved, it is just as lethal as any 
> > other damage, and it can be cured in exactly the same
> > way as any other damage.  
> I agree with this as well.  AM specifically states (pg. 6) 
> that if you get hacked up by an illusion, your armor will
> be undamaged, but you will be "hacked to bits".  The 
> damage is real.  No matter how strongly you believe in
> mind over matter, I refuse to believe that by shear force
> of will you can create deep cuts an lacerations on your
> body.  The illusion does real damage to you.

I dont have my copy of AM or AW handy, but the copy of Wizard 
that I have states "Any damage that it did, though, is REAL, 
and remains."

But it doesn't state how this damage is manifested.  While I
agree that it a stretch of the imagination to believe that 
sheer force of will can cause deep cuts or lacerations, I 
believe that the victim of the illusion can believe they are
there and will respond accordingly.  A modern analogy would
be a psychosomatic illness; the effects of the disease are 
all in the patients mind and a healer may have to go through
the motions of curing the disease (including administering
placebos or whatever) in order for the patient to believe 
that the illness is being cured.

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