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Re: Re: (TFT) Illusory Light?

dan tulloh wrote:
> I have to disagree.  The illusion appears to be real 
> only to those who fail to disbelieve the illusion.  

Hm?  It appears real to everyone that can see it.
It continues to do so until any one of them takes 
a successful 'disbelieve' action, whereupon it 
vanishes for all concerned.

> It isnt real and therefore cannot have real 
> 'side-effects.'  Illusory fire cannot set real
> objects ablaze.  

Well I agree about the fire, just as you can't make an
illusionary bridge and walk across it.  I think that light
is a different matter though.  Keep in mind that illusion
is a 'creation' spell, not a 'thrown' spell cast on a 
person or persons to directly affect their mind.  Something
is being created, and that something has a location, it
exists in a particular hex.  I think a large part of what
is being 'created' is light.  

Remember also that the caster can see through the 'eyes'
of an illusion, even if it moves around a corner or flies
over a building.  It doesn't just exist in the minds of 
onlookers, there is *something* there.  Now I know this
isn't the same as 'does it produce real light', but I
think it's indicative of the nature of illusions in TFT.

> Fighters in combat with illusory creatures suffer no 
> real damage but THINK they have. 

Well, this is getting into a different argument, but 
still, I disagree; it seems to me that it is real 
damage.  The damage doesn't go away when the illusion 
ends or is disbelieved, it is just as lethal as any 
other damage, and it can be cured in exactly the same
way as any other damage.  

Consider that if a man put on a suit of +2 armor,
and neither he nor the wizard he subsequently fights
knows that it's +2 armor, it will *still* stop two 
more hits from the wizard's illusionary gargoyle.
If the illusion were 'all in his mind', the armor 
would be no better than normal armor, because he
(and the wizard) wouldn't expect it to be.

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