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Re: (TFT) 50 fST Illusionary Fireballs & elementals

Hi all, my comments are below:

>Mark Gundel wrote:
> > Though I recall my primary GM never allowed me to do
> > so, I wonder what rule or theory should prevent my
> > wizard from casting an illusion of a seven-die
> > fireball? 
>Or a 50-die one.  Yeah, that's an interesting point.  
>The rules do specifically allow illusionary missiles...
>Hm...I can't think of anything to prevent it.

	In my Illusion rules I posted a couple 
weeks ago this is impossible with normal Illusions,
(but you could try it with a phantasmal).  However 
in my campaign, a maximum of 5 fST per turn can
be put into a missile spell.  So unless you build up
its power for 10 turns, a 50 fST Fireball would be
impossible so everyone would get an easy free
disbelief roll of that Phantasmal.

>Well, okay, maybe this: illusion is a creation spell.
>Created things don't act on the round they appear.
>So you'd have to create the fireball one round, and 
>then "launch" it the next.  Since that's not the way
>missile spells work, no one would believe it.  
>(I know that's rather, um, weak.  But it's all I can 
>come up with off the top of my head.)
>Isn't there some rule regarding the ST of illusions of 
>elementals?  (Sorry, no rulebook handy.)  

	No standard rule. I have ruled in my 
campaign that 1 one hex elemental can have up to 
15 ST, a 2 hex elemental can have 30 ST, etc.  Thus a 
one hex Phantasmal could have 15 ST and would be
'believable' (you can't make Illusions of elementals
in my new rules).

>I know that 
>it's a different situation, but perhaps a similar rule 
>could be applied here.  The main reason why I'd think 
>it might be applicable is that both elemental ST and 
>missile spell dice are of an open-ended nature.


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