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Re: (TFT) tough illusions

Maybe if the Bad Guys successfully disbelieved a party of weird-looking
player-characters, the player-characters would disappear...?  8^{D

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From: Thorn <edt@dopey.ne.mediaone.net>

> But as a player, I have yet to see any NPC stand still and take a whole
> turn to 'disbelieve' even the most unlikely of things.  Tiny little
> wolfgirl... [snip]  Gargoyle wearing a monocle... [snip]  Drooling Noblin
Shaman... [snip]
> If you've got a campaign where NPCs disbelieve anything remotely weird,
> then the average party of adventurers (I'm in a group now with an
> Orc/Dwarf halfbreed, a Goblin/Elf hb, and the above-mentioned wolfgirl,
> who by the way now talks in Eirish brogue and casts spells!  But I
> digress...)  That average party ought to draw some 'disbelief' from the
> suddenly-engaged enemy... [snipsnipsnip]
> [snip]  ...If people
> disbelieve gargoyles, lizard men, and 16 ST blonde barbarians weilding
> spetums...  fine.  But when Jon the Spetum and his allies Murgn, Magus
> of the StoneFolk and White Wolf (a perverse name for a lizard man, I
> know) bust through a door, they then have a _right_ to expect some of
> the opposition to stand around executing the option 'move one hex, or
> stand still, and attempt to disbelieve'... [snipsnipsnip]

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