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Re: (TFT) tough illusions

Cas Liber wrote:
> OK think of game ecology like this: presume that PC adventurers are typical
> random group of adventurers. If they use illusions alot, then presume that
> adventurers on the whole use them alot. This will result in 2 things. (1)
> the party will meet other groups with illusions, and (2) monsters will be
> used to encountering groups with illusions and hence disbeleieve them,
> especially if there's a wizard-looking punter in the party.

That can be a tough call in this game.  Appearances can be deceiving...especially 
when the guy with fine plate and a penchant for two-weapon parrying is considering
adventuring under a glamour making him look like Gandalf the Grey.  The things I 
put up with.
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