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(TFT) House Rules Survey: Learning new schtick


The current rule seems pretty realistic to me. If you took a high school
French class and then never went to France, you'd not only forget the
langauge, but all the money you spent on books would be wasted and the time
you spent in class would also be wasted. 

Then if you went back to college after you were 30 years old and took
French again - you wouldn't get the *full* benefit of all the time and
studying you did in the origional class. 

Doesn't EP stand in as a shortcut for having to keep track of the time and
money for learning?

Making the penalty an even 1000 EP for everyone clears up most of the
problems and keeps bookkeeping and finagling and arguing to a minimum.
Changing "Majors" *should* result in a minor penalty. 

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