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Re: (TFT) Sci-Fi TFT

From: "Cas and Lisa (also Silvia, Max & Viveka) Liber"

I like the idea of demigods being like idiot savants, much like
megamultipowerful giant autistic people ("246 matches.......")

"Definitely 246 matches..." <the rain man rocks back and forth in his chair. "246. Definitely."

Funny about substance abuse being 50% as an estimate its not
too bad, as a doctor I'd always come across pateints with
negative drug & alcohol history, but if you assume positive
for all drugs (eg: how many times have you taken LSD/ecstasy
etc.) the numbers of positives ('nice' people who don't
admit to it unless you explain clearly why you wanna know
eg: hep C etc.) rises dramatically.

Exactly. I see the 10.5 or greater as being people who are on something at the moment of encounter. A roll of 16+ being someone on an extreamly powerfull drug. Not just drunk or stoned. Also making the campaign against the drug lords, or drug dealers, was the best way to make it like a typical dungeon crawl. the "monsters" the characters encounter have large tresure troves of liquid cash just laying around. And they are can be very well armed. In the course of my research on this subject I was suprised to find that the drug trade in America has had a profound effect on the economy. Apparently in 1982 so much money left the country to purchase illegal drugs that it dirupted the national economy. They make projections in financial markets and hadn't factored this in. It cause a huge recession, and as a result adversly affected the world economy. This, to me, is a clear example of industry and technological development suffering as a result of drug use. Of course there are many other more immediate examples. As the first sentence of my favorite book on the subject says...

"The inhabitants of the earth spend more money on drugs than food, shelter, clothing, and luxuries combined."
    -The Underground Empire
     By James Mills
     DoubleDay, New York, 1986

An interesting tid bit from that same book. Apparently President Carter had been informed about Noriega and wanted to take him down. The political climate wasn't right though, because of the panama canal treaty. Years later when the canal was relinquished entirely to panamanian control, the air was clear for Presiden Bush to act on the decade old information.

This is a very clever schema for macro-society - in a
bronx/brooklyn accent, " What Goes Around, Comes Around."
A nice 3-dimensional feel to overall existence.

Actually has elements of accuracy - e.g: Bolsheviks replacing
Tsars in Russia in 1917.

Thanks. Its just a model, but I like the ethical elements it contains. Things like, be carefull who you step on because your day on the bottom will come. That and it fits into the whole cyclical world view of Taoism.

   David Michael Grouchy II

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