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Re: (TFT) ...and a monster suggestion. --> Displacer Beasts

> Hm, it's in my notes for an adventure somewhere.  But this is more
> or less it:

Dear Stan, may I put it on the monster list?

> Tarnesh Slug  (Tarnesh was the peculiar NPC maniac who originally
> ST: 40         made these things.)
> DX: 9.....

> If you want a giant slug more along the lines of the gigantic ones in D&D:
................. Note that in an
> open area these lumbering things would be little more than experience
> troves for parties with effective long-ranged attacks and even half-decent
> movement rates.

I guess the more ecological (and game balanced) part of me would think that
these critters would only exist where there is a heap of organic matter to
eat (i.e. a jungle) which would impede normal folks' MA due to tangled vines
& brambles etc. but not a slug which would merely bulldoze and ooze through.
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