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(TFT) Crossbows Are Too Powerful in TFT or Longbows are Not Powerful Enough

It's apparently so.

Longbows and heavy crossbows fire a projectile of similar mass, diameter and
velocity. The mass of a bolt or arrow is around .35g and the velocity is
about 40mps for he longbow and 42 mps for the heavy crossbow bolt. The
crossbow bolt has a higher ballistic coefficient, which gives it better
hitting power (and probably better accuracy) at a given range. But the
bottom line is that the kinetic energy of both weapons is about the same --
280-309 joules.

Also, the required ST for crossbows is way too high compared with longbows.

Of course, raising the damage of a longbow to 3 dice will make them *very*
popular. So I suggest a the following additional rules and changes for bows
and crossbows in TFT.

-Longbows require a ST of 13 and do 2+1 damage.
-Heavy Crossbows require a ST of 12 and do 2+1 damage.
-Light crossbows require a ST of 10 and do 1+1 damage.

These weapons ignore all armor and shields.

--Ty Beard
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