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Re: (TFT) Random thoughts on rpg combat systems.

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From: "Martin Gallo" <martimer@mindspring.com>
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> I was really happy with the result, but my players hated it. They
> hated having to roll different sized dice for every roll in the game!
> There is also the problem that armor was not handled very
> realistically without the different protection ratings.

This brings up a concept that I call "texture" -- the tactile satisfaction
that a game can give (or deny) players. My wargame designs generally feature
lots of d6's, for the simple reason that in my experience players love to
roll lots of dice. And d6's are particularly satisfying IMO because they (a)
are small, so you can fit lots of then comfortably in your hand; (b)
commonplace (so players can agonize over which dice roll best); (c) easy to
ready (the pips seem to be more recognizable than numbers); and (d) come to
a stop quicker than the larger polyhedral.

I think that in the same way, some players like to mess with polyhedrals.

--Ty Beard
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