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Re: (TFT) Random thoughts on rpg combat systems.

rsmith writes:


> 	The major realism thing that bugs me about
> TFT is the length of combats.  Consider, when an
> army has taken 10% casualties, (that is seriously
> wounded or killed) their moral is typically so
> shaky that they may break at any time.  Ancient
> battles lasted all day sometimes. 
> 	Yet in TFT, you have two groups run at each
> other and start hacking, you hit the 10% casualties
> in about 15 seconds.

Are you arguing that TFT battles should take longer?  I 
think that one reason ancient battles lasted all day was
because the battle was really a series of skirmishes in
which the armies would clash until one side broke, then 
they would regroup, maneuver and clash again. 

With regard to "two groups run at each other and start
hacking", are you talking about using the Mass Combat 
system?  Or do you place counters for each combatant 
and then have them rush at each other on the hexmap?
The focus of each is greatly different and one does not
translate well into the other.

Just had an idea:  do you think there's a need for two
new skills, Mass Tactics (as might be employed by 
Lieutenants and Captains) and Mass Strategy as might be
employed by Majors, Colonels and Generals?  These skills
might be used to enhance the survivability of a group
in Mass combat instead of the current skills of Tactics
and Strategy, which confer a bonus in individual combat?

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