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RE: (TFT) Mass combat talents.

Dan wrote:

>Just had an idea:  do you think there's a need for two
>new skills, Mass Tactics (as might be employed by 
>Lieutenants and Captains) and Mass Strategy as might be
>employed by Majors, Colonels and Generals?  These skills
>might be used to enhance the survivability of a group
>in Mass combat instead of the current skills of Tactics
>and Strategy, which confer a bonus in individual combat?

	I have never been one to hesitate
to add new talents.  (See my post on data
intensive vs. rule intensive game systems.)
But I am not sure about these talents.

	My reading of the rules is that 
strategist is used for mass combats.  (Of
course, if it is used for mass strategic
movements, why does it give you a tactical
+1 bonus in initiative.)

	I added a Logistics talent at IQ 13 
and have been waffling on if a Master
Strategist talent is needed.  (Which does 
not add to the initiative roll but helps in
contests against other mass combat leaders.)
What would be the details of the benefits 
of your talents?

	Have people on the list had enough 
military commanders to make mass combat
talents useful.  (I have in my campaign but
it is atypical in many ways.)

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