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Re: (TFT) Mass combat talents.

rsmith writes:

> Dan wrote:
> >  <Mass Tactics, Mass Strategy>
> 	I have never been one to hesitate
> to add new talents.  (See my post on data
> intensive vs. rule intensive game systems.)
> But I am not sure about these talents.
> 	My reading of the rules is that 
> strategist is used for mass combats.  (Of
> course, if it is used for mass strategic
> movements, why does it give you a tactical
> +1 bonus in initiative.)

I don't have my rule book handy so I don't remember the
wording exactly.  These "Mass" skills were just something
I dreamed up as I was typing, so I have no idea if they'd
be playable or not.

As I recall, the Mass Combat rules were kind of an add-on
to the system in order to complete large battles faster.
I have no idea if the MC rules adhere to the Lanchestrian
models of Land Warfare, so I don't know how valid they are.
My guess is that they probably don't and that mass combat
was something Steve dreamed up one afternoon.

There should be a way to handle Mass combat so that your
PC can be in command of a squad, company, regiment, etc
and affect the outcome of the combat from a managerial
perspective without having to slug it out with the troops.

> 	I added a Logistics talent at IQ 13 
> and have been waffling on if a Master
> Strategist talent is needed.  (Which does 
> not add to the initiative roll but helps in
> contests against other mass combat leaders.)
> What would be the details of the benefits 
> of your talents?

As a rough cut, I would suggest that a leader
with Mass Tactics gives each massed group he commands
(maybe within shouting range, etc) a +1 to attack.
Leaders with Mass Strategy might be able to confer
a bonus to initiative or bonus dice.

As I said though, I don't have a rule book handy so
I don't know if these ideas are even workable.

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