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Re: (TFT) Rpg combat systems --> Dice types?

> (Asking this of the TFT list is likely
> not the place to get the big "LOTS OF DICE!"
> response...)

I loved them all, I collected lots of different ones over the years, ones
with pips on them not numerals etc. (can't remeber where they came from). I
would get them while I was backpacking round the world (eg: Divisadero St SF
had a great gaming store, Leeds, Utrecht, Perth Western Australia - all
these places had great stores with 2nd hand stuff. overinclusive stores
rather than 'slimmed down'.
Unusual dice were easy to lug around the world till I got back to Sydney
(and better than a t-shirt, mug or whatever as a souvenir)

A friend had a d7 which I was never able to find...............
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