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(TFT) Fatigue: A Discussion - Part 2

Physical Fatigue - Part 2

in Part 1, I tossed out ideas for mental/magical fatigue.  in Part 2, I
would like to mention some ideas on physical exertion (mostly combat), and
get some opinions/info.

most encounters in adventures are usually short, so physical fatigue is not
an issue.  however, there are times when fatigue can have a large effect,
such as scenarios involving large battles, pursuit, melee coupled with some
other physical feats.  granted, the GM could make an estimate and make one
general roll to cover everything, but some situations require a more
detailed treatment.

some examples are:

a. large battles that involve a party of adventurers -- the typical quality
versus quantity battle.  the adventurers help a friendly army defend against
a goblin army attack.  the characters cannot be everywhere at once and can
only do so much before they must rest a bit and rejoin the battle.

b. the party pursues an Orc band to rescue a captured comrade.  can the
adventurers catch them before they reach their hidden fortress?

c. after using a battering ran to break thru a strong gate, the party is
forced to fight some hidden guards....

after fighting off several creatures, a character will eventually start
feeling the effects of fatigue.  I am curious what others have done along
these lines.

Some Rules

on the character record sheet add a category called Fatigue.  for each
consecutive 12 turns (1 min) of activity with no rest, the character
accumulates 1 fatigue.  for each hit received (after protection), mark 1
fatigue.  when fatigue equals ST, the character is exhausted and must rest.
if a fatigued character must fight, then DX -5.  fatigue is recovered by
resting as indicated in the advanced rules.

as you can see, fatigue has no effect for short battles and the party is
assumed to rest a bit afterwards.  the design intent here is to cover
larger/longer situations, like big battles that have lots of foes.  stuff
like this allows your adventurers to better participate in the history of
your world, like wars, etc.

have anyone generated fatigue-type rules for other physical exertions, like
moving large objects, breaking down gates, etc.  any ideas?

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