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Re: (TFT) Fatigue: A Discussion - Part 1

David --

Welcome. My most recent solution has been to establish a series of
"secondary attributes" that default to ST, DX or IQ. They can be increased
by spending 1/2 attribute point, so raising them is more efficient than
raising the primary attribute. They are listed below with the default
attribute in parenthesis:

Power (ST) -- for spells
Talent Points (IQ) -- for learning talents/spells/languages
Perception (IQ) -- for noticing stuff

If you ran a city based thief campaign, I would use:

Agility (DX)
Manual Dexterity (DX)

To trick out wizards, you might use:

Spellcasting (DX) -- used instead of DX roll to cast spells.

Oh, I also use 1d20 instead of 3d6 for attribute rolls.

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