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RE: (TFT) Fatigue: A Discussion - Part 1

Hi David,
	Welcome to the group.

	There are a number of weaknesses in the
standard TFT rules.  Most people who are still
playing TFT after all this time have found
solutions, & these solutions are all different,
incompatible, and strangely similar.

	One weakness is that experienced figures
tend to become very similar with 15, 15, 15
attributes.  Another weakness is wizards need
Conan like fST to cast lots of spells (which
just seems wrong), another weakness is that
there does not seem to be enough memory to allow
heroes to get as many talents as they would like.
(Plus some more.)

	Your Power specialty attribute is a
pretty typical solution.  In my campaigns I
allow my players to buy "fatigue superscripts"
at 2 per attribute (realistic campaign) or 3
per attribute (toss the realism and lets have
fun campaign).  If I understand your rules
below, for one attribute you can buy 2 POW
specialty attribute.  Thus wizards can now
have plenty of fST for spells but not look
like Arnold Sh.  This is very much like Dave
Segraves sub-attributes.  If it works for you
go for it!

	As for the various sorts of ST batteries,
I don't like them much.  Managing that sort of
fST in this container and fST in that container
just does not feel like high fantasy to me.
(Even the name, power battery, sucks.)  I like
the GURPS power stones a bit better, (they
recharge slowly on their own).  I have made
some one shot fST gems, (crush the gem and get
a boost of fST) which are not as unbalancing
as power batteries I find (mainly because it
takes time to ready them and throw them).

	However for the most part, my players
use their regular fST plus what ever Aids they
can get.


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first, my thanks to the folks who posted PDF versions of Adv. Melee and Adv.
Wizard!  this adds a bunch for those of us who have only played basic

Magical Fatigue - Part 1

because our group has only played the basic versions, we have made house
rules concerning fatigue, physical and mental (magical).  now that I have
had a look at the advanced rules, I still have a few questions.  I would
appreciate everyone's input.

for magical fatigue, we created a Power (POW) attribute for wizards.  you
might recognize this, if you are familiar with Runequest.  POW tracks mental
energy used for magic.  now ST more directly reflects a physical
constitution rating while POW represents magical.  each are separate and
easily tracked.  casting spells comes out current POW.  when POW reaches 0,
the magician is mentally exhausted and must rest as in the advanced rules.
only physical damage affects ST.  experience would now be separately applied
to ST or POW.  this also opens up new magical options (see Magical Options

when generating a new wizard character, POW starts out at a minimum of 8 for
a human.  the extra points a player distributes are at +2.  this generally
means a new wizard will probably have a weaker ST to boost POW or DX, aiding
magic use.  since ST no longer translates into magic points, a beginning
wizard player must make some tough decisions as to starting their career in
magic.  however, this can be compensated for over time with experience.
warriors must be more mindful of protecting their magic brethren, which
makes for better party dynamics (IMO).

we have soaked this concept a good bit of playtesting, but only with humans.
if anyone has suggestions for other races, please do so.

Magical Options
Adv. Wizard introduced the notion of ST batteries, which we would now call
POW batteries.  what about spells, items, scrolls, potions, etc. that
temporarily drain POW?  IOW, after the period of effect is over, all lost
POW is recovered?  or how about spells, potions, items, etc that accelerate
resting (POW recovery)?  I'm sure some of you have already thought of these.
I would be interested in your experience of how it worked in terms of game

in the next part, I have proposal for physical fatigue (ST) for long
physical exertion.


since I'm new to the list, here's a brief background.  I've been gaming for
26 years in the areas of RPG, board wargames, and miniture wargaming.  game
types include historical (mostly WW2 and medieval) and space.  I have also
designed and playtested quite a bit over the years.  most recently, I've
been involved with Agents of Gaming Babylon 5 Wars and Fleet Action.
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