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Re: (TFT) Fatigue: A Discussion - Part 1

> There are a number of weaknesses in the
> standard TFT rules.  Most people who are still
> playing TFT after all this time have found
> solutions, & these solutions are all different,
> incompatible, and strangely similar.

I personally don't find too much weakness of the sort that gets discussed
here (which usually results in new rules that [for me] drag down the
mechanics of the game). I rather view TFT on occasion as meta-rules (rules
for making rules). When something not in the rules happens, figure out how
hard it is and which stat it applies to, and you're set. It works for me.

> One weakness is that experienced figures
> tend to become very similar with 15, 15, 15
> attributes.  Another weakness is wizards need
> Conan like fST to cast lots of spells (which
> just seems wrong), another weakness is that
> there does not seem to be enough memory to allow
> heroes to get as many talents as they would like.
> (Plus some more.)

I've never found that experienced figures are similar. That's what I prefer
about TFT over (older versions) of D&D. Every character seems to be quite
different, even though the stats are similar. The talents and spells wok
well for this purpose;

As for not being able to cast lots of spells... It seems as though the
problem is that your players want to play characters like the ones they read
about. Those stories generally don't start with wizards just beginning their

Wizards can be pretty powerful but usually not because they can cast an
umpteen-die WizWrath, but through more subtlety. There's a reason that the
TFT magic model requires cooperation for quick, powerful spells and

As for heroes not getting enough skills, I can't think of any game where a
player thinks their character is powerful enough.

Then again, I prefer my campaigns to not concentrate on combat, which is
very deadly on TFT (and I prefer it that way). It's prefectly possible to
have a viable character who has no combat skills at all (which I also

Neil Gilmore
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