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Re: (TFT) Fatigue: A Discussion - Part 1

From: "Home" <davidar@direcway.com>

we have soaked this concept a good bit of playtesting, but
only with humans.  if anyone has suggestions for other races,
please do so.

One suggestion for other races comes to mind for the Humanoid races, and their starting POW attribute. Hobbits start with ST 4, and extra points. Giants start with ST 25 and no extra points. The Mac-Daddy starting wizard is a Reptile Man with ST 14, and 8 extra points. This is because the Giant has a maximum IQ of 10. On the surface it would seem that the starting POW of each race should be equal to its starting ST. This makes the use of POW more consistent with how TFT already works. But knowing how POW works in Runequest, particularly the contest of power and sacrificing a point of POW for a rune-ability, this method gives unusual advantages to the Giant, and overly weakens the hobbit in comparison. When one starts looking at the monsters it gets worse. A dragon with POW 100 would be a terror. The ogres are just as bad as the Giants. And an Octopi with ST 20 would start out as a rune-preist. May I suggest the following formula.

   Starting POW =  ( starting ST / HEX size ) + walking MA / 2

   Examples       starting POW
Man                     9
Elf                    10
Hobbit                  7
Giant                   9
Gargoyle               12
Reptile Man            12
1-hex Dragon            9
14-hex Dragon           8
Ogre                    9
Octopi                 14

Of course, I don't know how much of the Rune Quest tradition you are using with the POW rules. And also I highly recommend the superscrip variant that has been posted.

  David Michael Grouchy II

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