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Re: (TFT) Food of Fury - Forge of Fishes

    Stocked fish pools, hmmm ... maybe some nutrients are trapped in the ice, just waiting to be eaten by farm fresh fish when melted.  It wont feed everyone, but maybe once a month you get fishsticks with your mushrooms.


--- Stan <srydzews@ix.netcom.com> wrote:---------------------------

Regarding the "Not goat and mushroom stew again!!!" issue...with all this glacial runoff running off everywhere, there may be a place for nicely stocked fishing streams or 'commerical' fish ponds.  

Now I know someone will ask what do the fish eat?  Well how the hell would I know?  Are there rivers in Norway?  Do they have fish in them?  If so, the dwarves' fish eat whatever it is the crazy Norwegian fish eat.  (If there are no fish in Norway then pray forget I ever brought this up.)

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