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Re: (TFT) Attributes of legendary status - question for the list

From: John J Hyland <johnnyboytmm@juno.com>

My question for the list is this:

Do you place an upper limit on the attribute scores of your players?

I do not either. And in all the campaign sheets I've seen, where the GM lists their rule changes so one can read them before making a character in their campaign, I've never seen a ST limit mentioned. I've seen a lot of optional rules and changes to the system, but never a ST, or any other attribute, limit.

"NOTE: a strength of more than 30 is highly improbable by Earth standards. If a GM wants to run a "realistic" campaign he should consider limiting the maximum ST of human-type figures to 30. Of course, in a pure fantasy world, super-heroes capable of sustaining massive damage while performing incredible feats of strength are common; if you want this type of game, you should allow characters to build up to any ST they can earn."

All GM's I have played under seem to favor the second stance by default. That is to say, by not writing ahead of time that there is a limit to human ST. As to the other attributes, ITL has a couple other things to say.

   "- so characters should be allowed as high as DX as they can attain."
-ITL page 8, last half of the last sentence of DEXTERITY(DX) governs:

Personally I have seen far more characters with DX 20+ than ST. In fact except for the Giant characters I haven't seen any one with ST 20+. But in the long run characters there are countless instances of high DX. And I have even had two wizards make it to IQ 30+. But that was a very long campaign.

   David Michael Grouchy II

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