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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

--------- "Charles Gadda" <cgadda@earthlink.net> wrote:--------

There seem to be two extreme schools of thought on the matter of healing in
TFT. The extreme Nazi right 
keep in mind that no amount of healing can make up for the fact that a
single triple damage roll can kill you outright, a point not addressed by
any in the extreme "right wing" of healing. 
Interestingly, my biggest objection to not having a Healing spell has
nothing to do with the points discussed. Rather it is the inherent,
fundamentally violent illogic of magical healing not existing in the first
 I am in the middle of re-painting
our bedroom, along with pulling up the carpeting and refinishing the
hardwood floors in same - not a trivial task).

OK!  I admit it, I used to be a NAZI. A real  "At 1 your unconscious and at 0 your dead, and if your not man enough to deal with it you can go play D&D with the grade school kids!" kind of guy.

Now I like to think I've moved to the middle (at 0 your only mostly dead, and under proper conditions you can heal 1 whole point a day) but maybe not as far to the middle as I think.  The mostly dead option was adopted precisely to address the one bad roll and your gone issue, so I agree combat is still quite serious.

Finally I do find your "there should be magic healing" argument somewhat compelling - after all a healing potion can't require that much magic knowledge, since any master physicker can brew them.  So I think an argument could be made that a heal potion equivalent spell should exist.  

Off the top of my head, lets say it is an iq 14 or so spell, and it can heal 1 pt of damage and costs say 5 or 10 fatigue to cast, that probably would not be too unbalancing.

I don't think I will use it in my current campaign (it has been pretty low-magic so far) but I may try it out in the future.


PS good luck redecorating

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