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RE: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

> Likewise, I'm sorry if I seemed to jump on you. I get testy,
> because I feel like the only list member who considers the relatively
> lethality of TFT combat to be a bug in an otherwise excellent system,
> rather than one of the features that make it excellent.

True, it is a fine line, go too far in the lethality direction and
players (especially those who just got into it) may adopt an "oh, well,
another day another character" attitude and drift away. Go too far in
the other direction and players start getting sloppy and taking
ridiculous risks.

Neither of the two extremes is fun, although I must admit that in games
I've GMed (not necessarily TFT) I find it easier to correct for sloppy
risk-taking (one good slap in the face from something unexpectedly
tough), than to have to deal with the ramifications of high lethality
(player malaise, a character's unreasonable cautiousness and GM

To summarize, you're not the only list member who feels this way!

- Marc
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