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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

> Finally I do find your "there should be magic healing" argument somewhat
compelling - after all a healing potion can't require that much magic
knowledge, since any master physicker can brew them.  So I think an argument
could be made that a heal potion equivalent spell should exist.
> Off the top of my head, lets say it is an iq 14 or so spell, and it can
heal 1 pt of damage and costs say 5 or 10 fatigue to cast, that probably
would not be too unbalancing.

> PS good luck redecorating

Forgot that Master Physickers could brew them, too. That does put a little
kink in things.

I would try to make a distinction between healing "salves" that heal 1 point
which are non magical and can be made by Master Physickers and true magical
healing potions (which might be 1d - though that is alot). I would say the
non-magical salve heals 1 point per wounding incident; more will have no
immediate effect, since all it does is help prevent infection and speed
closing of wounds, though it can help promote a faster healing rate.

The magical potions and spells should be just that: magical, with
instantanious and wonderful results. Though using more than one within a
certain period might have undesireable side effects.

The distinction I would go for is the opposite of what has been suggested:
non magical (i.e. physicker) healing should be relatively slow with minimal
"immediate" results. The focus would be on increasing one's healing rate
with perhaps a little bit of a "patch up" to wounds. Magical healing would
be, well, *magical* and allow for rapid and profound results, within certain

Well, the room is painted and the carpeting is up. Boy, pulling out the tack
boards and staples was a royal pain! And no wonder my allergies were
bothering me - the amount of dirt and crap was frightening! But the room
hasn't looked this good in at least 15 years...
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