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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

I must say I like Charles and Peter's arguments - I guess for uniqueness I
like the idea of healing as is without extra Healing spells - every other
RPG on computer or in real life has an emphasis on healing potions/spells so
why not play one a bit different? Combat should be tricky and harm,
minimized (similar to Call of Cthulhu in using ingenuity to avoid direct
damage) - making the game more tactical.

And as Charles says, the worst bit is not the wounding but the lethality
once you cop a big hit - thus the  way to avoid this seems to me to be
the -ST as helpless/bleeding principle adopted from AD&D2 (i.e. ST -1 to -3
is helpless/bleeding, character continues to lose 1 fST/turn until negative
equivalent of total unwounded ST is reached.). This then means when someone
goes down in combat, they need at least one their comrades to tend to them
rather than fight (a problem as unequal numbers on opposing sides are a
bigger deal than D&D), if they aren't to die anyway, but gives them a chance
of living which is an existing house rule (rather than GM fudging dice
behind a screen as he feels sheepish at killing too many characters.....)

I guess one way to have a healing spell is that it can only be done
vampirically from an ally........(which could make for some interesting
bargaining), or some other unwholesome way which has consequences (eg:
material component of human child's heart each time spell cast (where'd
Blastum get all the hearts anyway..........?).........................
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