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Re: (TFT) Myrmidons come from...

Way back when I was running a TFT game, I used the spell as a response to a curse of some sort. A cursed player would be going on about its business when mysterious smoke or lights or noises would appear (be heard, etc.) and the typical response was 'I ready my weapons' and then poof - the character would be used as a Myrmidon. I also recall using it as a result of a divine intervention gone bad - the characters were about to be overwhelmed or over powered and one of them would try to appeal for some form of divine intervention - I had a table of effects, one of which was a good news/bad news scenario. (Sound of dice rolling) 'I have some good news and some bad news - the good news is that you are all healed; the bad news is that (more dice) character X has vanished.

Hilarity ensued.

This kept the players on their toes a bit more about things like curses and asking for GM help.

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