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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

One thing that was mentioned early in this discussion was the occasional problem of most of the group needing to cool their collective heels while other figures rest up. Of course this is more of a problem in some situations and in some styles of campaign than others, but for those who find the heel-cooling objectionable I offer the 'healing trance' spell:

Healing Trance IQ 13 fST 5 (special) The Healing Trance spell allows a wounded figure to benefit from the natural healing abilities of others. When cast it affects a single wounded character and up to five willing, unwounded figures in adjacent hexes. The unwounded figures must be at least the same size (in hexes) as the wounded figure. The spell's effects persist for a full day. Every hour the unwounded figures each lose 4 fST. (So long as they rest, they will regain that fST over the succeeding hour.) At the end of the spell the wounded figure can heal one point of damage per unwounded figure affected by the spell, provided the wounded figure has spent the day resting. No figure (wounded or not) can be affected by more than one of these spells at once. An unwounded figure who moves more than six hexes from the wounded figure is no longer affected by the spell, and adds nothing to the healing.

[I know this spell invites comparisons with Drain Strength, but while its effects are somewhat similar the rationales are different. Drain ST transfers a figure's accumulated existing health, but this spell effectively 'loans' a figure's recuperative capacity, on the theory that if this unwounded fellow *had* been wounded he could have regained on ST by resting. Needless to say, in a campaign with more effective healing spells of the "I spend x fSt to heal y ST on you" variety, this spell is largely pointless.]
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