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(TFT) Re: Healing spells in TFT

   I created and posted this solution to the no-heal-spell problem
some time ago.  I'm curious what the current magic heal debaters think
about this IQ 17 spell:

HEAL (T): This spell heals physical wounds with a successful
   spell roll.  Cost: 5 ST for every hit healed, but only 4
   ST if wizard also has the Priest talent, or only 3 ST if
   wizard is also a Theologian -- but only if gods really do
   exist in the GM's campaign (and the wizard worships a
   benevolent one), otherwise the cost is 5 ST for everyone.
   You can assume gods do exist if you're playing solitaire.
   A failed DX roll to cast Heal costs only 1 ST.
      Also, just like the Physicker talents this spell will
   only work once for each episode of being wounded, such as
   combat (i.e. the wizard can throw as much ST as he likes
   into healing, but once done cannot do it again until the
   patient is wounded again.)  Use of this spell also
   precludes any further physicking, but a heal can be done
   after any non-magical healing.  Any remaining hits must
   be healed normally.

   In my campaign I limit wizards to 25 fatigue points per day for
non-combat spellcasting (the same limit an apprentice has while
helping to create enchanted items).  A wizard with the above spell
could heal 5 hits per day.  This usually means 3-5 party members get 1
more ST point back per day beyond natural healing, which I don't find
unbalancing.  PC's still have a healthy respect for their opponents'
weapons, and heal potions are still worth bringing along.
   By the way, I use the -1 x ST = Death optional rule.  At /0/ ST a
figure goes unconscious.  If below this the victim must make a 3-die
roll vs. ST or start bleeding to death at 1 ST per turn.  Helpers with
Physicker and/or heal potions (or the above spell) can stop the

Dave Seagraves   http://groups.yahoo.com/group/thail
Adieu, Chasseur mon ami
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