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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

--- ErolB1@aol.com wrote:
> I use an "all healing spells cost 50 St"
> rationalization.

<snippage: set of 50-ST healing spells and background>

That is certainly reasonable and logical.

I'm entering this debate late (or early, if you read
the archives) but for me, one of the 'rough' spots on
the gem that is TFT is the gallon of healing potion
that every band of brigands seems to have, but never
use.  That is, to maintain the pace of the adventure,
healing magics, usually potions, are somehow always
coincidentally available.

That, to me, is neither reasonable nor logical.  And
it seems enough people agree for there to be no
shortage of house rules for faster healing, healing
spells, 'clerical' healing powers, and the like.

Mind you, the world without these things is not
illogical, or in any way inferior.  It's simply not a
setting that can support adventure at the pace people
seem to want.

It's a stylistic choice, and the 50 ST approach is new
style for me.  It's got flair.  But I dont' think it
would look good on me.  :)

Hmmm...  Maybe with a "ST may accumulate toward a
single spell over the course of (a) day(s)" belt, and
"Master and apprentice(s) may combine ST toward a
single purpose" hat...  Say, that doesn't look bad at

And it puts Healers chanting by the bedsides of those
worthy of their attention, for hours and hours, even
days.  Not a bad image, IMHO.
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