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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

> --- ErolB1@aol.com wrote:
> > I use an "all healing spells cost 50 St"
> > rationalization.
> <snippage: set of 50-ST healing spells and background>
> That is certainly reasonable and logical.
> I'm entering this debate late (or early, if you read
> the archives) but for me, one of the 'rough' spots on
> the gem that is TFT is the gallon of healing potion
> that every band of brigands seems to have, but never
> use.  That is, to maintain the pace of the adventure,
> healing magics, usually potions, are somehow always
> coincidentally available.

Personally, I prefer the 'combat is deadly' model. It breeds caution into
the PCs. And I don't recall ever having too much trouble with character
down-time, even in the middle of an adventure.

Certainly healing potions are available, especially in civilized areas. It
sure helps out with health care.

But I have all potions being 1 liter in size. How many of those can you
carry? But I also say that Physickers, et all, can do their voodoo on each
wound (if the player cares to keep track [some allow once for each combat]),
and that helps some. Makes Physicker a much more useful skill.

All in all, if you want success in the wilderness, wear armor and have a
medic around.

But it's also not unknown for players to become Chemists and Alchemists, and
have the rest of the party supplying them with ingredients. Seems to make up
for the fact that most 'maker' types aren't so good in combat.

> Mind you, the world without these things is not
> illogical, or in any way inferior.  It's simply not a
> setting that can support adventure at the pace people
> seem to want.

As I say, there hasn't seemed to be a problem.

Neil Gilmore
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