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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

In a message dated 9/8/2003 12:34:26 AM Central Daylight Time, 
cgadda@earthlink.net writes:

> What I am noting is the fundamental internal logic inconsistency. This
> exists in large measure because of the Revival spell, as I will explain
> anon. For the nonce it is sufficient to be aware that it is, I believe,
> impossible to come up with a *good* explanation as to why healing does not
> exist. And by "good" I mean rational and internally consistent. Sure, any
> number of mumbo jumbo B.S. reasons can be invented - you can just say "the
> Great
> God Goober the Mostly Omniscient has forbidden the use of healing magic" 
> leave it at that. But that is not only a bad reason, it is really nothing
> more than lazy, unimaginitive GM fiat. More elaborate reasons may eliminate
> the "lazy" and "unimaginitive" monikers but the result is still not
> internally consistent or logical.

What are your standards for being 'rational, internally consistant, and 
logical'? I use an "all healing spells cost 50 St" rationalization. Would you 
consider that a bogus GM fiat explaination? Why or why not?

In Etan, there are two hypothetical and one non-hypothetical healing spells: 

IQ 9
Hypothetical Minor Healing (T) This spell heals 1 point of normal injury. It 
has no effect on physical St loss due to severe injury (being wounded below St 
0). Cost: 50 St. 

IQ 14
Hypothetical Healing (T) This spell heals 1d+1 points of normal injury and 1 
point of physical St loss due to severe injury (being wounded below St 0). 
Cost: 50 St

IQ 19
Health (T): This is a multipurpose healing spell: 

If cast on a dead figure, Health will bring the figure back to life, provided 
that the spirit of figure has not yet passed through the Gate of the Dead and 
left Etan entirely. (This is determined by the GM - some spirits are gone 
after only 24 hours, and some linger as ghosts for centuries). The revived figure 
will be badly hurt, with injuries equal to his St score, and he will lose 1 
point of basic St permanently. Missing limbs and other parts will remain 
missing. If too much is missing or damaged, the GM may rule that the spell has no 

If cast on a wounded but living figure, it will restore the figure to full 
Strength and health. Maimed parts will be healed. Severed limbs will be rejoined 
if available. Missing parts remain missing. 

If cast on a maimed but otherwise healthy figure, it will cause maimed and 
missing parts to heal and regrow. Missing parts will take 1 to 6 months to fully 

If cast on a diseased figure, it will cure the disease and heal any damage 
caused by it. However, if the disease is a magical one caused by germs having a 
natural Spell Shield, the Health spell will only heal the damage caused by the 
disease. The diseased figure will remain infected. 

St cost to cast any version of Health is 50. 


No one in Etan has bothered to research the first two healing spells because 
the St cost is too high. The equivalent to the second spell, however has been 
put into the alchemist's Healing potion. 

Now in a campaign where natural healing is harder and St for spellcasting 
more readily available, these spells might be viable (especially the second one). 
In Etan, however, arranging for half-a-dozen wizards to cast Aid spells or 
spending 8 hours on a ritual casting isn't worth the relatively small increase 
over natural healing. Someday, someone *might* research the second spell, but 
it will still only be a marginal spell rather than a workhorse staple.

Erol K. Bayburt
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