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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

> What are your standards for being 'rational, internally consistant, and
> logical'? I use an "all healing spells cost 50 St" rationalization. Would
> consider that a bogus GM fiat explaination? Why or why not?

For starters, I ain't your judge. Second, my commentary was directed more
towards canon (or near canon) TFT than anything else - your Etan hardly
falls into that category. Third, you already have healing - its called
"Health" - thus, that logic hole does not even exist. You have completely
side stepped the issue altogether.

That out of the way, this is kind of a gray area, for the reason that the ST
costs for the hypothetical spells are wholly out of proportion with other
comparble spells so I would personally consider this to be more of a fiat
solution. Nevertheless, it seems to "work" within the setup of your world
since you have taken this into account with faster natural healing rates.

(Why is the out of proportion casting cost considered untoward? Because for
a mere 5 fST I can zap you with a lightning bolt for an average damage of
17.5 - which will outright kill quite a few characters. Seems a little out
of whack, to me)

It works, though I personally would never use your system. Esp. since you
admit that the healing rates are higher because it is such a magically
powerful place - but if this is true, than why is healing so hard to do?
Again, the logic of your world, while it might be internally consistent,
would probably bug me. And its mostly that I catch little things like that
and they gnaw at the edges of my mind, never quite allowing a proper
suspension of disbelief.
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