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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.

> ? Combat is quite deadly as is. With or without healing. Did you miss the
> part about triple damage shots taking down Grendel with the greatest of
> ease...? It is unnecessary to make it more brutal. Nor do I see the value
> added in making them cautious to the point of total and understandable
> cowardice.

That's correct, it is deadly as is, and it's the model I prefer.

The point isn't to butcher characters, but to make them consider a wide
range of tactics besides combat, especially instead of straightforward
combat. Ambush, for example.

What I don't prefer is making it possible for characters to hack and slash
constantly by making it easy for them to be healed between encounters. If I
wanted that, I'd play D&D.

> > All in all, if you want success in the wilderness, wear armor and have a
> > medic around.
> Unless you fall into a river, of course. Hope you can hold your breath a
> long, long time!

I could point out that I swam in my armor once (during a woods battle at a
Pennsic long ago). In any case, that's what fords are for.

Neil Gilmore
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