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Re: (TFT) Why not GURPS?

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From: "Peter von Kleinsmid" <pvk@oz.net>

> Just before GURPS first appeared, my main TFT pal and I had played TFT
> combat so much (about 7 years) that we started developing an improved
> system to cover all of the weak spots, which was a lot of work. Things
> the lack of ways for skilled fighters to avoid getting hit, more detailed
> differences between types of weapons and armor, less predictable combat, a
> more logical and detailed skill system, etc. Then GURPS showed up and
> seemed to do an elegant job of addressing pretty much all of the things we
> had been trying to improve. So I adapted my TFT campaign to GURPS, still
> using ITL and my campaign work as the "world book", but using the
> and combat systems from GURPS, which was pretty easy to do.
> My questions for the list are:
> Why do you play TFT and not GURPS?

Combat in GURPS takes far too long. As does character generation. It's way
too easy to get high skill levels in GURPS (a problem that exists to a
lesser degree in TFT).

> What aspects of TFT do you prefer?

Nearly everything :-) Of course, I didn't care for the Champions system, so
I didn't care for "Champions Lite" (GURPS) either.

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