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Re: (TFT) Healing spells in TFT.


    I like your reasoning, but no healing spells in my game yet either.  And I don't see it as a logical flaw, mainly because I don't demand that much logic from a game. I demand some, which is why I like TFT as it has more than most, but I don't demand as much as you.

On the topic of logic, you rely over much on it.  Logic is a miscable thing, which, as a construct of the human mind,  is bent by its users
with every use.  Saint Anselm used logic to PROVE that God exists.  Nonetheless, in spite of this logical proof, some people did not  (and do not) concur.  Either they are all fools (St Anselm's position) or perhaps Logic is not quite as immutable as he and you believe.

--------- Peter von Kleinsmid <pvk@oz.net> wrote:-----------------
Sure. I always thought there were some interesting questions posed by the
AW spells. For example, when I Summon Myrmidon (tm), does a warrior (or
giant insect ?? - see ITL) vanish from somewhere else? Is there a range
limit to this effect?

    I was intrigued by this question as well, and in my early campaigns decided that a warrior did disappear from some other dimension.  And that occasionally a similar spell in that dimension would call a warrior from this one to it.  Naturally it happened to one of the PC's.  It was BIG  fun.


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