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Re: (TFT) insanity - bipolar disorder

From: "Cas and Lisa \(also Silvia, Max & Viveka\) Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au>

when bipolars are depressed - it resembles melancholia ST,DX & IQ all -2,
must roll 4/IQ to initiate any activity other than eating or sleeping.

Either may last 1d6 weeks. Depression likely to occur in winter, and mania
usually in spring (bigtime.........)

GM secretly rolls each year - 1d6 - 3  = # episodes.

I had no idea. I thought bipolars fluctuated through out a single day. But suffering up to six weeks long 0-3 times a year is much better. Characters are more likely to hire help if they don't show insanities right away. And I can imagine it will be a lot more fun when suddenly 3 months later...

  David Michael Grouchy II

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