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Re: (TFT) insanity - bipolar disorder ---> Only 3 cycles per year?

Dave, DMGII,
in psychiatry true bipolar is quite rare (though many people have manic
episodes in Spring and work (inapatient psychiatric hosptial) is hell at the
moment because of  this).

People with impulse control problems or wild mood swings (such as from
antisocial/histrionic and borderline personality disorder - I would have to
take a really deep breath before explaining these - LOOONG story) - will
report 'highs' and 'lows' lasting for hours to days. In almost all cases
this has nothing to do with bipolar disorder.

Anyone with more than 4 episodes (high or low) a year is termed 'rapid
cycling' and occurs in 5-15%. I have had patients who haven't had episodes
for many years, others who remain unwell for 6 months or more at a time. I
think the average figure is about one episode every 1-2 years (and thus 50%
for no episodes/year is OK)

Actually, looking in my APA textbook it says 3 months average for untreated
episode, with 6-9 months average interval. After 1st manic episode, 40-50%
will have a second manic episode within 2 years (official figures)

(in which case 3d6 weeks is probably better to roll for duration than 1d6

Lithium is effective but has loads of side effects (weight gain,
interference with thyroid funciton, possible long term kidney damage, funny
taste in the mouth, loads of yukky necessary blood tests, tremor
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