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Re: (TFT) TFT fans, represent! Cool Counters Continued

------- "Ed Thorn" wrote --------------------------

 "It looks like _this_." 

  That is so much fun to do is'nt it?  Drop the scary counter (or counters) onto the hex map with the party's figures while saying "It looks like _this_." 

------- "Ed Thorn" also wrote --------------------------
 But those just are not the same Bugs...  I
refer of course to the illustrations in Chitin:I, which among other things,
would have Gantuas being triangular 3-hexers, not linear.  

I don't have chitin, so this is the only counter for a guanta I've got to choose from.  I Kinda like the implications of the long narrow Guanta though, assuming it is a little bendable in the middle (and I make that assumptrion), the tunnels in the hive can be pretty narrow for the most part.  If the queen ever needs to leave, her subjects will excavate her an exit.

Incinentally I also love the Owlbear counter.  I definitely intend to use it as well, since changing owlbear hunting patterns is what alerted the forest wardens that something was amiss in the first place, and then I stumble on Mark's counters and he has owlbears and Hymenopterans - 

That sort of serendipity is just not supposed to happen in real life.  It must have something to do with good karma of this list.


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