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Re: Hedge Wizards (was Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.)

> I was thinking of the "Repair" spell, maybe an expanded version of Avert
> would allow the wizard to affect a whole hex worth of St 1 vermin with a
> single casting, maybe a weaker version of the Cleansing spell that just
> without disinfecting. Things along those lines.

I guess in my campaign, quite a few 'heros' (NPCs) have Repair. In fact,
most Goldsmith's have it, because I allow it, under certain specific
conditions, to be used to repair flaws in gems. There's a bunch of jewlers
out there who give their one try a day just before bedtime. I've toyed
around with using it as a mini-welding spell, too, but I'm not too satisfied
with the results.

Neil Gilmore
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