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Re: Hedge Wizards (was Re: (TFT) New way to improve characters.)

> One thing I forgot:
> The weapon/armor enchantment could potentially be expanded so that it is
> on tools.  I would expect that in general, each plus would add 20% to the
> effectiveness of the item.  Who would bother?  Well, a cross-cut saw that
> you cut down 40% more trees in a day would probably add 20% to the daily
> of a lumberjack.  (If we assume half of his workday is spent actually
> down trees.)  It could easily be worth it over time.  Tools that routinely
> when in use, such as mining picks, would NOT be good candidates for this.

Hmm, how about finely-made tools, too?

Then again, there's got to be spells out there that'll do some of the work.
Imagine, if you will, a fairly skilled wizard and a bunch of bumpkin
apprentices, out in the woods. The wizard gets Aided, casts his spell, and a
tree comes down. Pretty quick, huh? Rather like using Lightning? for digging

Neil Gilmore
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